11/06/2012 15:38 BST | Updated 11/06/2012 17:53 BST

Red Road Flats Tower In Glasgow Demolished (PICTURES, VIDEO)

This is the moment when one of Europe's tallest block of flats was demolished in seconds.

Spectators captured the explosion on YouTube, complete with background screams from those enjoying the spectacular event.

The impact of 275 kilograms exploding in the bottom half of the tower led the building to completely crumble.

All that was left of the 292ft tower, the tallest in Europe when it was built in the 1960s, was a cloud of dust.

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The Red Road flats in Glasgow, Scotland had inspired Andrea Arnold's award-winning 2006 film Red Road. Their history is also coloured by the suicides of three Russian asylum seekers who jumped to their deaths from the tower in 2010.

One of the building's first ever residents Jean McGeough told the BBC "They were lovely the houses and it's breaking my heart to see them coming down."

After the destruction of the Petershill Drive tower, the remaining buildings in the complex are due to be demolished by 2017.

Alex McGuire, of Glasgow Housing Association, said: "The Red Road flats were popular in their day and are known around the world, but their time has come to an end.

"We're pleased the demolition of the first of the Red Road blocks went according to plan."