12/06/2012 11:29 BST | Updated 12/06/2012 11:29 BST

FIRST LOOK: Tom Cruise Gets To Work As Jack Reacher (PHOTOS)

Tom Cruise is having a busy week, even by his usual high-achieving standards.

The Mission Impossible star was in London at the weekend for the European premiere of his film Rock of Ages, where he takes the role of Stacee Jaxx, the world's greatest rock star looking both for love and the perfect song.

At the premiere on Sunday, Cruise told HuffPostUK how the singing on film for the role was up there with the scariest things he had ever done in his career. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

But another day, another big-budget blockbuster to get his head around. Two days later, and the unstoppable actor is already back in New York on the set of Jack Reacher, based on the hero of best-selling author Lee Child's crime series.

Fans of the books were upset when Cruise was first cast, complaining that he was too short for the role and didn't look the part of the grizzled Reacher, but author Child has defended the choice, saying Cruise had what it took to make the personality work on screen.

Cruise was spotted on location at the base of the Empire State Building peering up - hopefully planning to stay on the ground this time, and not causing fans' hearts to stop in their mouths with another skyscraper stroll like the one he made for the last Mission Impossible film.

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