Inspirational Quotes On Writing: Advice From Authors

22 Lessons In How To Write Like The Greats

Churning out inspirational quotes about writing has been a favourite past time of authors and poets throughout the ages.

Like many creative types, those handy with a typewriter find the subject of their own craft - or their own ability to wax lyrical about it - a fountain of fascination that never runs dry.

The problem is, not a lot of it is very useful.

Plenty of quotes about writing allude to the agony of penning that great novel. Many use poetic flourishes to celebrate the beauty of the written word. But how many offer you words of wisdom that might stop you throwing your laptop through your window after staring at a blank screen for an hour?

In truth, writers are no more likely to give up their practical expertise for free than your average mechanic or bank clerk. But sometimes, perhaps when their powers have reached such a height it no longer makes a difference, they'll let some nugget slip.

And it's these nuggets - 22 of them in fact - that we present to you here. Actual insight into the process of writing offered up by people who did it best. So print 'em out, pin 'em to your wall and remember: a little guidance and some self-discipline means you don't have to be divinely gifted to write well. Though we're sure it must help.


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