13/06/2012 07:00 BST | Updated 12/08/2012 10:12 BST

Cheryl Cole Becomes Bezzies With The Duchess Of Cambridge

After urging Prince Harry to get in touch for a date, Cheryl Cole has now become bezzies with the Middleton clan thanks to her delectable dimples.

The pop princess is making some serious waves in royal circles after appearing at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert earlier this month.

The Fight For This Love hitmaker reveals that she got all cosy with the Duchess of Cambridge over a couple of Babychams at the gig's Buckingham Palace afterparty, and even had the future queen's mum Carol cooing over her Middleton-esque features.

cheryl cole radio one

Cheryl arrives for an appearance on Radio 1 yesterday

Chezza told The Sun: "I spent quite a bit of time chatting to Kate and William.

"She's just so normal. They're Royals but they're not disconnected from us, they know what's going on in the world.

"I was a bit starstruck though, a bit like, 'Wow, these are our Royals and I'm in Buckingham Palace having a drink.'

"Kate's doing really well. It must be tough being thrust into the limelight but she doesn't seem to flinch.

"She takes it in her stride. I love that she wears things twice. Welcome to the real world.

"Kate's mother came over to me at one point and said, 'You've got Middleton dimples.' Pippa was gorgeous too."

Being pals with the Middletons can do wonders for your social status, especially if like Cheryl, you want to bag Prince Harry.

She told Graham Norton that she was single, but "would consider" a date with the third in line to the throne.

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