13/06/2012 09:16 BST | Updated 13/06/2012 10:15 BST

Coronation Street's Latest Famous Fan Is... Kim Kardashian, And She's Even Been Practising Her Accent!

Kim Kardashian is trying to bag a cameo in Coronation Street, according to reports.

The US socialite and reality TV star became a fan of Corrie and EastEnders on her recent trip to Britain, The Sun reported, and has asked a top US movie producer in London to talk to soap bosses about a part.

A source was quoted as saying: "Kim was really impressed with British TV - especially Coronation Street and EastEnders.

"After watching an episode of Corrie she tried to mimic the northern accent. She'd love a cameo just so she could sneak around the set."

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim was recently in Britain with her rapper boyfriend Kanye West, who has been performing with Jay-Z.

Maybe her putting on an hilarious Northern accent made him laugh so much, that's why he recently threw her the keys to a Lambourghini - MORE ON THAT HERE.

She follows in the footsteps of rapper Snoop Dogg, who's also said he's a big fan of the ITV1 soap and that he wants a job in the Street.

Here's Kim in all her carnations... no rollers yet:

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