Kanye West

"His achievements won’t just live on. They will continue to evolve, because we are only seeing the beginning of his impact"
A judge approved the rapper’s petition to go by "Ye," without a middle or last name.
The pair appeared alongside Kanye at a publicity event for his new album, Donda.
The award-winning rapper has cited "personal reasons" as the reasons behind the name change.
The reality TV mogul and the rapper will reportedly split after nearly seven years of marriage.
The rapper was hampered by repeated failures to make the ballot in several states.
Of course, Kanye had the hologram version of Robert Kardashian describe the rapper as the "most genius man in the whole world".
The Friends star also bashed Trump as she cast her ballot early.
The apology comes after Kim addressed the rapper's bipolar disorder publicly for the first time.
Knowing the best way to show your support can be hard. We sought advice from mental health charities Mind, Rethink Mental Illness and Bipolar UK.
Here's a guide to consider before tweeting or talking about a public figure's mental health. (Hint: It doesn't involve memes.)
"I feel like I should comment... because of the stigma and misconceptions about mental health," Kim wrote on Instagram.
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln have got company in an image Kayne shared on Twitter.
The rapper's name will appear on the election ballot in Oklahoma, though he's too late for many other states.
Verified Twitter accounts were temporarily unable to tweet after big names were swept up in a wave of apparent hacking.
"Think about the impact of your words on the real lives of real people," the singer wrote.