Coca Cola Reveals Unseen Footage From Security Cameras (VIDEO)

WATCH: Coca-Cola Ad Shows Unseen Footage From CCTV Cameras

Whether you find the video above cute or nauseating is likely to say more about your attitude towards Coca-Cola than it does towards the human race.

Because, for their latest ad, Coke is asking us to "look at the world a little differently" - and illustrating that idea by showing us CCTV camera footage of people doing nice things all over the world. And all to the soundtrack of that classic Give A Little Bit (although not Supertramp's, but songwriter Roger Hodgson's, version).

Stealing kisses, dancing with mops, saving lives and getting frisky in lifts... it's all there in Coca-Cola's life-affirming compilation - although quite how spontaneous some of the supposedly 'accidentally caught' scenes are is unclear.

But hey, maybe we're just a bunch of old cynics. Not about the human race, you understand, but about Coca-Cola. Because they really are rather good at making manipulating adverts, you know...


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