(QUIZ) Who Wrote It: Martin Amis Or Katie Price?

(QUIZ) Who Wrote It: Martin Amis Or Katie Price?

As literary relationships go, it's an unusual one.

But since he first described her as "two bags of silicone" in 2007, author and perennial foot-in-mouth contortion act Martin Amis has had to admit that Katie Price has become something of a muse for him.

After basing one of the characters in his new book Lionel Asbo: State Of England on the glamour model-turned-everything, Amis has now softened his stance on Price, even going as far as saying he was "rather impressed" by her own attempts at fiction.

Could it be that the man who once claimed women have "almost got too many powers for the harmony of their own lives” was being a little patronizing about the work of his less lauded fellow novelist? Or does Amis now genuinely see Price as a literary contemporary?

To help figure it all out, we've taken 10 random quotes, some by Amis and some by Price. See if you can guess which is which...


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