17/06/2012 07:24 BST | Updated 17/06/2012 07:30 BST

Naughty Nathan Sykes' Porn Star Hook-Up

The Wanted star Nathan Sykes got a little blue during the band's trip to Las Vegas earlier this year after hooking up with a porn star.

The boys headed to Sin City in March to perform at MTV's annual Spring Break pool party and were surrounded by a bevvy of half-naked babes.

Jay McGuiness even managed to snog one bikini-clad girl half-way during his performance.

But he wasn't the only one who got lucky at the hedonistic bash - the band's baby Nathan managed to get to grips with a cougar blue movie star.

Bandmate Max George tells The Sun: "The porn star was 25, he's only 19. She said hello to him and two minutes later she took her phone out of her bikini bottoms.

"I walked in just as this was happening, then I walked back out to leave them alone. They were hiding behind the curtains."

Wonder what happened behind there then?

The fun didn't stop there either - they headed back to that old Lothario Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion for a BBQ for Nathan's 19th birthday.

A source told The Mirror: "The boys' eyes were on stalks - they couldn't believe their luck. There were girls everywhere. The mansion is a party palace. There is an endless flow of champagne and beer and a cave filled with Jacuzzis and poles for dancing. There's even a zoo."