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The “woeful” lack of women in senior roles or writing front page stories at UK newspapers has been laid bare in a startling
The BBC reported that the Competition Commission could become involved, although the combined readership of the Express and
In Britain three people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. And more than 6,000 patients are waiting for an organ which could transform their life. And that is why the Mirror has been campaigning for the past two years for a change in the organ transplant laws in England which would mean people are deemed to have consented to their organs being donated after death, unless they have said otherwise. We believe if our Change the Law for Life campaign is successful, the number of donors will increase by 25% and hundreds of lives will be saved every year. 
A teen who almost died after taking ecstasy at a house party says her mum was right to post harrowing images online of her
'Hopefully other kids who see them will be put off doing anything so stupid.'