18/06/2012 15:26 BST | Updated 18/06/2012 16:16 BST

World's Longest Burp Clocks In At 18.1 seconds (VIDEO)

A member of The World Burping Federation, an organisation that aims, according to its website, to promote "belching best practices" while "also seeking to remove the stigma that has become associated with belching in recent centuries", has set a new record - a record for burping.

The man with the throat and digestive system of the gods goes by the name of Tim Janus, and he's the one who managed a jaw-dropping 18.1 second burp... on camera.

"I've been doing this all my life with friends and family in backyards and parking lots, so I'm happy to do it on a stage," Janus told The Huffington Post. "I'd like to add events in decibel burping and burp-talking as well."

Well, here's to that, Mr. Janus - cheers!