Competitive Eating

I would genuinely say that if I can do it, literally anybody can – you just need to be brave enough
Former Miss Earth New Zealand Nela Zisser is not your typical competitive eater. The tiny model looks like she has no space
YouTube competitive eater and probably magician Matt Stonie performed a shocking feat last week, making an 18 inch 5lb Burrito
What better way to celebrate St Patrick's Day than to sip leisurely on a pint of Guinness. Well competitive eater Matt Stonie
Well, he is competitive eater Kevin Strahle, aka 'L.A. Beast'. Click play above to see how it panned out - and prepare to
The prize was a humble £116 and a novelty t-shirt, but 26-year-old James Brettell wasn't in it for the money. What he wanted
You may think that you're a greedy b**tard - but can you eat a whole pizza in under a minute? And no, we don't mean a McCain
A member of The World Burping Federation, an organisation that aims, according to its website, to promote "belching best
Sonya Thomas is the world's finest female competitive eater. Known as the 'Black Widow' after her ability to regularly defeat