19/06/2012 13:01 BST | Updated 24/07/2012 15:55 BST

Cambridge University Students Get Lairy After Trinity May Ball 2012 (PHOTOS)

Britain's brightest young minds passed out in punts and crudely exposed themselves in the street during drunken scenes of havoc and debauchery on their way home from an infamous Cambridge May Ball on Tuesday.

A crowd of 2,000 bleary-eyed revellers stumbled through the city's historic streets after partying the night away at the Trinity College bash - the biggest ball in the summer social calendar.

Britain's top students were seen stripping off their clothes and boozing in the street and on punts at 5am - as some hard-working families began their commute to work.

Male students were seen undressed to their pants and soaked after falling into the river, while female revellers' flowing ball-gowns were reduced to torn, muddied rags.

One unsavoury student was even seen flashing his penis in the street and laughing at his own loutish behaviour.

Others were seen hurling abuse at passersby and fighting with security staff as they desperately tried to save the last morsels of their champagne.

The night of disrepute came mid-way through the May ball season, which sees students pay up to £100 a head for a free food and drink, and performances by top names, including Pixie Lott and the Vengaboys.

The Trinity May Ball featured a booming fireworks display, which lit up the college for more than an hour.

One reveller said: "It was a brilliant night we had copious amounts of champagne and we all really enjoyed ourselves.

"Its just a great bit of fun."

The Trinity May Ball first began in 1866 and has only ever had two breaks in its 145 year history - once in 1910, when King Edward VII died, and then for the duration of the Second World War, from 1939 to 1945.