22/06/2012 11:11 BST | Updated 22/06/2012 11:45 BST

Cat Plays Guitar During Melbourne Earthquake (VIDEO)

The biggest earthquake in over a century hit Melbourne, Australia, earlier this week, with the tremors hitting at 8.53pm on Wednesday 20 June and lasting for around 30 seconds.

Footage of shops shaking and produce crashing around have already been seen - and plenty of jokes have been made - but one clip that failed to get onto Britain's TV news was this little YouTube video of a cat playing guitar... while his world shuddered all around him.

As cool as a cucumber, the moggy in question plucks at his owner's guitar as the 6.3 magnitude earthquake rumbles away, only pulling up his head to see what the matter was a couple of times.

Of course, some spoilsports are saying it's fake, but it's really hard to tell. Whatever the weather - perhaps a poor choice of words, admittedly - it makes for pretty amazing viewing.

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