22/06/2012 11:20 BST

Seven In Ten Britons Drive Angry, Road Rage Study Finds

Seven in 10 Britons are more angry behind the wheel than at any other time, according to a new survey.

Looking into the effects of road rage on British drivers, research from Continental Tyres has found the UK to be a very angry country to drive in, with 15% of those surveyed admitting to even getting out of their car during a confrontation on the road.

Due to the effects of both experiencing their own road rage and suffering from that of others, nearly 50% of British drivers no longer enjoy driving, according to the tyre manufacturer.

As part of its new 'Courtesy Campaign', the tyre company asked 2,000 British drivers about their experiences with aggression on the road.

Tim Bailey, safety expert for Continental Tyres said: “The figures are shocking. Of paramount importance is road safety but if motorists feel intimidated or angry they will lack concentration increasing the danger for other road users, never mind not enjoying the driving experience.”

“We are launching a ‘Courtesy Campaign’ to help reduce the problem, not only to improve safety and the driving experience but also because showing consideration to others on the roads actually eases congestion and reduces delays.”

Dr Mark Sullman, expert in driver behaviour at Cranfield University said: “When driving, we are prevented from using the normal cues to work out people's intentions, such as facial expression and body language, so we are more likely to misunderstand their behaviour and interpret it in a negative way.

“You can choose not to let it rile you and instead deal with the situation in a positive way, such as concentrating on driving safely yourself or realising that everyone makes mistakes.”

Among other statistics uncovered in the survey was the fact that three in 10 British drivers "expect" to experience road rage when driving, whether it is their own or that of someone else.