22/06/2012 08:29 BST | Updated 22/08/2012 06:12 BST

Star Wars Reimagined: Amazing Custom Wild West, Steam Punk And WW2 Star Wars Action Figures (PHOTOS)

After 35 years the world of Star Wars has been so well picked over that even for hardcore fans it's hard to get excited any more.

But then something comes along that makes you feel as excited as you were the first time Obi Wan became more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

(And no, it's not the chance to make Chewbacca dance to Star Wars-themed pop hits.)

For more than 10 years a high school teacher from Indianapolis, known online as Sillof, has been crafted original and highly customised action figures based on amazing, unique visions of the Star Wars universe in other settings.

From steam punk to the wild west, and 1940s film noir to 1990s sci-fi, Sillof has re-imagined, re-built and re-engineered George Lucas' world to his own exacting standards.

"I just have a drive to be creative," he told the Huffington Post in an interview. "I feel like I always have to be creating something. What I do is just for my own curiosity.

"Most every line starts with me just wondering “What would a Star Wars western look like?” I don’t really know and I find out as I create the figures. I also have a rabid appetite for all things pop culture, new and old alike, I find inspiration in books, films, comics, video games. I also am a history teacher and find endless inspiration in various eras of history."

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So why does the Star Wars universe work so well? Sillof told HuffPost it's because the characters are based not in sci-fi, but universal mythology:

"I would say mostly because George Lucas’ film used timeless archetypes from literature and mythology. The archetypes work in ancient Greek mythology, in a science fiction fantasy film, or any other genre I can reimagine them in."

Sillof makes his characters either from existing toys which are cut up, restyled and glued together. Other times he sculpts entirely new pieces, or even builds figures from scratch. On his website he writes:

"The final step is painting and detailing with dry-brushing ( done with gentle strokes of a brush with a very small amount of a lighter shade) and washing (a heavily diluted paint solution using a darker color). I have created my own techniques and color mixing using specific various brands to that unique look and finish my figures have. That is a bit of a trade secret I don't share - sorry."

And his favourite character to sculpt?

"I always enjoy Obi Wan Kenobi, the droids, and especially Boba Fett – he just has so many interesting elements it is always a lot of fun."

Sillof's work has been featured all over the world, and he says that he has no intention of stopping.

His latest work - a set of 90s sci-fi themed figures, part The Matrix, part Hacker and part Akira, have taken his craft to amazing new heights, and we're sure there is more to come.