23/06/2012 08:16 BST

Katy Perry Feared Preacher Parents' Strip Searches As A Child

As a successful pop star, Katy Perry is used to bodyguards keeping a watch over her but she's always lived under close protection - she once feared her religious parents would strip-search her for CDs.

The singer's preacher parents banned her from listening to anything other than gospel music, so Katy used to smuggle rock and pop music into her house.

During an interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Katy said: "I wasn't really allowed to listen to anything besides gospel music, so I'd sneak in different CDs. The first time I bought a record it was by Incubus. I brought it home in my knapsack and I had things on top of it so my parents didn't strip-search me.

"I went into my closet, put a blanket by the door crack and tried to pop open the CD. It broke in two like the Ten Commandments and I was like, 'I will never do that again.'"

And despite her cheeky behaviour, Katy insists her parents still love her.

She recently told The Hollywood Reporter: "People love the idea of a good girl gone bad, thinking that my parents were so strict and disowned me, but that actually wasn't the case. Even though they don't necessarily agree with some of the things I do, they love me as their daughter. That's always been their perspective."