26/06/2012 10:26 BST | Updated 26/06/2012 11:22 BST

Alan Partridge Film Confirmed For August 2013, After StudioCanal Confirmed As Partners

Alan Partridge is firing on all cylinders, thanks to French backers signing on for his big screen outing.

StudioCanal have bought the rights to Steve Coogan's lovable/unbearable creation, who is due to appear in cinemas in August 2013, with filming planned for the beginning of next year.

Alan Partridge is currently taking fans around the delights of his native Norfolk - including the "brutal" Norwich Town Hall

Alan Partridge has brought his multi-faceted knowledge of culture and history to bear on this French-English alliance, commenting:

Alan Partridge commented, “I'm simultaneously gladdened and pleased to see a British film being co-funded by the French dudes at StudioCanal.

"This is without doubt the greatest Anglo-French co-operation since the Normandy landings. This time, the heroes aren't Allied servicemen - they're motion picture financiers, who are equally brave.

"I'd also like to add that 'canal' - or, in English, 'canal' - is a transportation system close to my heart. In the late 18th century, this new method of logistics halved the price of coal in many English cities. If StudioCanal's investment can achieve even a fraction of that, I will be delighted.”

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The Partridge has never really retired since his the demise of his ill-fated chatshow when he notoriously shot a guest. He has been appearing in shorts on the internet, on tour Down Under and, as recently as last night on Sky Atlantic, starring in his own factual series taking absorbed fans on a Welcome To The Places Of My Life - including the newsagent, and the leisure centre "with its controversial sloped roof" - of his beloved Norfolk or, as he would have it, "the plump Peninsula", or even "the Wales of the East".

Until his big screen outing on 16 August 2013, here are some clips of The Partridge in action...