28/06/2012 06:59 BST | Updated 28/06/2012 07:04 BST

Michael Jackson's Neverland Tiger Named Thriller Has Died Aged 13

Thriller, a tiger that belonged to Michael Jackson when the star lived at his Neverland ranch, has died of lung cancer.

The 13-year-old, 375lb tiger died at actress-activist Tippi Hedren's wildlife preserve in California.

Thriller and her brother Sabu were born on November 20, 1998, and lived with the late singer until May 4, 2006.

When the star left Neverland for good, his veterinarian asked Tippi to take the cats at her Shambala Preserve in Acton, about 50 miles north of Los Angeles.

Other Neverland animals, including giraffes, flamingos, orangutans, elephants and dozens of reptiles, were sent to other sanctuaries in other parts of the country.


A view of Michael Jackson's Neverland

Michael, who died in 2009, often talked about his love of animals, but he never called to check on the tigers or sent any money to help pay for their care, Tippi said.

A year after the tigers arrived, she said staff sent a package of photos of Sabu and Thriller and T-shirts and other memorabilia to the singer's children, "but we never heard a word back. I just think it's odd".

Tippi said the tiger, who died on June 11, had no problem with the attention that came to her because of her fame.

"She didn't care. She was not a diva and didn't mug for the camera. We all loved her for it," she said.

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