Cheryl Cole's Private Jet Close To Lightning Strike

Cheryl's Near-Death Experience

Cheryl Cole had a near-death experience on a plane recently when a lightning bolt struck the runway in the middle of a storm.

The Girls Aloud beauty was leaving Germany but her experience at Frankfurt airport left her fearing for her life.

Cole managed to survive her ordeal

Cheryl reveals she was waiting for her private jet to take off, but heavy rain caused a delay.

And it was a good job the pilot decided to push back the departure - because just minutes later lightning came crashing down.

"I was so scared that I thought, 'This is it. I've got an album to promote and I've got so much yet to do!' We had to stay put in the aircraft on the runway. They couldn't even take us back to the terminal."

Cheryl was thrilled when the pilot finally got the go-ahead to fly - but admits she still had fears throughout the rest of her journey.

She added: "When we finally took off about an hour later I was terrified we'd be hit by lightning in the air. But I remembered I'd climbed (Mount) Kilimanjaro, so took a bit of strength from that."

It seems the jet set aren't having a very lucky month when it comes to travel - rocker Noel Gallagher recently revealed he was left in a panic when a pilot prepared to take off in the middle of a raging storm in Moscow.

And Dannii Minogue was flying from Melbourne to Sydney when a severe thunderstorm broke out and a bolt clipped her plane.


Style Evolution: Cheryl Cole

Style Evolution: Cheryl Cole


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