Christmas Toys: Cabbage Patch Kids, Mickey Mouse, Barbie And Moshi Monsters To Top List, Says Hamleys (PICTURES)

Hamleys Releases Top Christmas Gift List (PICTURES)

Katrie Palmer, eight, looks at the latest version of the Cabbage Patch Kids at Hamleys in central London

It may be only June but one of the world’s largest toy shops has released what it predicts will be this year’s top-selling Christmas gifts

London’s Hamleys is tipping traditional favourites such as Mickey Mouse and Barbie alongside more modern hits such as Moshi Monsters.

There is also something of a vintage feel to the list with the Razor Bella Pocket Mod - a classic Italian-style scooter for over-12s who fancy themselves as the next Twiggy.

For children who prefer adventure to Sixties cool, the MC350 Razor Dirt Bike will fulfill their thirst for off-road adventures with a high torque motor, large knobby tires, and speeds up to 12mph.

A fast action game called Bum Face is also sure to get the whole family's pulses racing as aggression and quick reactions are rewarded. Players must bash their opponent four times in the face to knock them out of the ring but losers can gain points back by hitting their own backsides.

For more hi-tech thrills, children can download the Moshi Monster App Monster to bring their monster to life by dressing them up, listening to music through them and even poking them in the eye.

Traditional favourite Mickey Mouse is brought into the modern age with Master Moves Mickey, known as M3 - a breakdancing mouse with the hottest dance moves such as the "Groove Copter" and signature handstand.

Another revamped old favourite is the Barbie Dream House, which comes complete with a glam pink chandelier and an outdoor sundeck with a telescope for whale watching. Cabbage Patch Kids have also made the list.

And toddlers who may have envied their older brothers' and sisters' Mini Micro scooter now have a modified model so they can join in the fun. The Mini Micro 3-in-1 comes with a sturdy seat that can be adapted as the child gets older and fitted to an original scooter.

Hamleys' Christmas toys list


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