02/07/2012 06:41 BST | Updated 02/07/2012 06:45 BST

The Ultimate Fireworks Fail Compilation (VIDEO)

There are many, many, many idiots out there in the internet - idiots who are happy enough to bungee jump off a block of flats on camera, to headbutt trampolines, to light fireworks under their groins as they balance between two cars.

But still, despite the web offering up really rather a lot of examples of fireworks and the like being exceptionally dangerous in the wrong hands, the idiots continue to play with them for the sake of YouTube glory - and it's time this madness stopped. Well, for a little while, anyway.

So to call a temporary moritorium - if that makes sense - on all fireworks-related fails, here's the ultimate fireworks fail supercut from the fellows over at World Wide Interweb, a 146 second deluge of skin-burning wonderment that stands as a warning for anyone who fancies attaching firecrackers to their mates' legs while their asleep.

And for more supercuts that won't necessarily make you wince in pain, here are some of our favourite ever for you below - enjoy!