03/07/2012 07:09 BST

Brazil Supreme Court Windows Shattered By Low-Flying Plane (VIDEO)

You know that awkward moment when the low-flying plane you're in accidentally breaks every window of Brazil's supreme court? No?

These two pilots do.

During a flag changing ceremony in the capital, Brasilia, the pair managed to shatter the windows of the Supreme Court and Congressional buildings with the shock waves from their Air Force planes.

brazil supreme court

The windows in the supreme court were shattered by the low-flying plane

According to AP, no one was hurt - although many were shocked when the two Mirage 2000 jets swept next to the Supreme Court.


Oops: Brazil's supreme court building was devastated by the pilots

The shockwaves caused vibrations that caused the windows to shatter, reports said.

The Air Force command is reportedly investigating the incident.