Fireworks Fail: 18 Minutes Of 4 July Fireworks Explode In 10 Seconds In San Diego (VIDEO)

Independence Day in America is all about hot dogs, celebrating another year free from the Brits - and Fireworks.

But in San Diego, California, on Wednesday, the fireworks were a little too spectacular.

A display which was supposed to last about 18 minutes instead exploded in less than 10 seconds. Authorities blamed a "technical difficulty" - and luckily no injuries were reported.

Instead the result was one of the most intense, dramatic - and short - fireworks displays in recent memory.

The one-off show was captured by photographers and on video cameras across the city.

Take a look at the video, above. Take note, London 2012 opening ceremony planners: just like the 100m final, just because something is succinct doesn't mean it isn't spectacular.