12/07/2012 12:05 BST

Kerry Katona: 'I Made A Sex Tape - It Was Dreadful'

Kerry Katona is not one to keep her mouth shut, and usually that's exactly why we love her.

But her latest revelations have nearly reintroduced us to our lunch - the star has admitted she has made a sex tape.

However, thankfully it will never see the light of day as apparently it was so bad, Kerry destroyed it.

In an interview with Now magazine, she said: "Yes, I made a sex tape once. But it wasn't on long enough.

"It was over within a minute. I watched it back and it was dreadful. So we smashed it up."


The reality TV star, who has had many struggles with her weight in the past, and recently underwent a tummytuck, is set to move in with pal Jodie Marsh in order to get in shape.

But looks like Jodie's going to have her on a tight leash.

She told Heat magazine: "There's no point training and eating healthily with me, and then going off and eating crap," she said.

"She probably hasn't got any muscle, so to build it up you need four months to bulk up any muscle then strip away the fat."