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She was branded 'boring', 'cheap' and desperate on the publication's cover this week.
A little while ago I got an email asking if I could pop in to NOW HQ for a round table discussion on body image and the media, having met some of the team at plus size brand press event I was really excited that such a big, national weekly wanted to talk about body image.
Why do we Brits love to get sloshed so much? I think it originated from "the war" (like most things) and isn't helped by the weather. But I do feel our relationship to booze needs to change. Like a fine wine, it needs to mature.
This time last year, EVERYONE was talking about Cheryl Cole's supposed relationship with MC Harvey, but now the truth has
Kerry Katona is not one to keep her mouth shut, and usually that's exactly why we love her. But her latest revelations have