Trump Supporters Struggle To Explain Their Own Conspiracy Theories In Prankster Video

Some attendees at a recent rally for the former US president had a hard time when pressed on some of their beliefs.

Prankster duo The Good Liars attended another recent Donald Trump rally, where they found that some of the former president’s supporters believe in conspiracy theories that they can’t quite explain.

One woman at last month’s rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, told Davram Stiefler that “foreigners” have special phones and “when someone gives them the OK, they’re gonna come for us.”

Another attendee who said he’s a fan of right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, warned of “Joseph Starling” when speaking with Jason Selvig.

Still another Trump supporter claimed that John F. Kennedy Jr ― who died in a plan crash in 1999 ― will return as vice president.

“It’s happening now,” she said, and predicted there won’t be an election at all, but couldn’t explain any of it.

“When you know, you know,” she said.

Another man declared that certain leaders, such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (Democrat, New York), are “illegal politicians.”

But he also couldn’t explain it.

“No one voted for ’em, they were appointed,” he said, saying of Schumer specifically: “He didn’t run. People think he ran for office, but it was his turn to be put in.”

When pressed further, the man declared it was the work of the “deep state” and encouraged them to “look it up.” (Schumer first ran for and won his seat in the US Senate in 1998.)

Check out the full video below:


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