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Some attendees at a recent rally for the former US president had a hard time when pressed on some of their beliefs.
The Ted Lasso star received a written apology over the incident.
The One Show host recently explained why she and ex Steve Jones split in 2002.
EXCLUSIVE: Text messages obtained by HuffPost show the possible editorial influence that a proven liar & conspiracy theorist might have on the most-watched cable news host in America.
The rap mogul praised the genocidal Nazi dictator while wearing a black mask covering his entire head and face.
Multimillion-dollar verdicts keep stacking up against the Infowars host, who used his platform to falsely claim the Sandy Hook shooting never happened.
Alex Jones was stunned in court after his legal team accidentally sent over two years worth of his text messages to plaintiff’s side.
Actor appears on flagship BBC programme to talk about new Richard Nixon series, and then ...
Host Alex Jones had to issue a swift apology after the rocker swore.
"You know me – I just love a little drama, don’t I?" he joked on The One Show.