13/07/2012 10:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Netball Team Nets FOUR Sets Of Twins In ONE Year

Netball team nets FOUR sets of twins in ONE year SWNS (left to right) Charlotte with Jacob and Alfie, Kelly with Morgan and Honor, Hayley with Rio and Mitchell, Eleanor with Rosie and Zoë

It seems twins don't just run in families - but in netball clubs too. Four sets of twins have been born in just 12 months to members of Pinehurst Netball Club at Swindon Academy.

Umpire Joan White became a grandmother for the fifth and sixth time a year ago, when her daughter-in-law Emma White gave birth to Morgan and Honor.

Joan told her local paper, The Swindon Advertiser: "It is such an achievement in one club to have so many twins, we have never known it.

"To have four sets of twins in one year was just amazing. We were all thrilled."

There are 12 members of the team - so a third were pregnant with twins. Centre Hayley Reeve, 29, had Rio and Mitchell 10 months ago. She said of her twin mum team mates: "It's nice to know you have got that support and somebody else knows what you are going through.:

Third to go was goalkeeper Eleanor Williams, 28, who had twins Rosie and Zoë 18 weeks ago and seven weeks premature. She said: "It is really good we are all in the same boat.

"Hayley was ahead of Charlotte and I so she could calm us down a bit. We asked her all the questions.

"Charlotte and I found out we were pregnant around the same time.

Goal defence Charlotte Sunderland, 33, had Jacob and Alfie just 15 weeks ago and had waited five years to become a mum.

"They were IVF twins, I was absolutely thrilled when I found out," she said. "We knew it was a possibility but it was still a bit of a shock. " I told Hayley first and it was nice to know there was someone there who would be about just ahead of me."

Eleanor and Hayley have started playing again and Charlotte will join them in August.

Aren't they all beautiful babies?