Pig And Parrot Are Best Friends (PICTURE)

Xena is a mini pig. Jazz is a Quaker parrot. Together, they are the best of friends, living together in their owner's home in Brisbane, Australia. Happy, wonderful, incredibly cute days.

But as well as being, you know, from different species, the 5-month-old Xena and 16-month-old Jazz also have an age gap - but they seem to not much mind, lazing about with each other and cracking jokes. OK, maybe not cracking jokes, but you know they would crack 'em if they could.

Nichole Willett, their owner, says their favourite activity above all is chasing each other about the place. "Xena is the wild one, she loves to chase Jazz around the house," she explains.

They really are utterly adorable. So adorable, in fact, that we're going to have to include Xena and Jazz in our 'unlikely animal friendships' hall of fame - something you can check out for yourself below...