Picture Of The Day - 24 Tons Of Sardines Spill Onto Polish Highway

PHOTO: Massive Sardine Spillage After Lorry Driver Forgets To Shut Door

We've all made a mess more than a few times in our lives, but 24 tons of sardines? All over a road? Because you forgot to shut your lorry's door properly? That's one heck of a blunder, and no mistake.

The highway near Kolobrzeg, Poland, was closed for hours while firemen - people professionally trained to fight fire, mind - swept up the mess.

The truck driver responsible, 26-year-old Jakub Carowski, was only fined £50 for his error - but he was also obliged to cough up £5,000 to pay for the clean-up too. Not a good day, all in all...


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