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Don't worry, it happens once every three minutes in the UK.
Wyoming Highway Patrol pleads with motorists after scare: Slow down for emergency vehicles.
“Why does it take young people like me up on a f***ing gantry on the M25 for you to listen?”
If you're setting off on Thursday or Friday this week, you might want to read this first 👀
Traffic backed up as the seemingly neverending queue of more than 40 ducks just kept coming.
Uber plans to take passengers to the sky in a bid to ease congested roads in big cities. It has announced that it will trial its Uber Air flying taxi service in Melbourne, Australia. Dallas and Los Angeles in the US will also be pilot cities. They say the service will cost the same as an Uber X trip.
The Department for Transport calculated that the money could resurface more than 1,000 miles of road.
Around 80 lorries participated in a mass operation to test traffic congestion around the ports of Dover in case of a no-deal Brexit.