17/07/2012 08:08 BST | Updated 17/07/2012 09:02 BST

Jodie Marsh: 'I'm Always Snogging Kirk... But I'm Not Putting Out For Him'

We can't quite keep up with Jodie Marsh's love life.

It was only a few weeks ago that she revealed she'd consider going gay again because she couldn't find a man. Then a day later she's tweeting pics of her snogging the face off Kirk Norcross from TOWIE.

jodie marsh

Now she's said she's not interested in Kirky boy despite always locking lips.

We think she might be more confused than we are.

jodie marsh

In an interview with this week's Zoo magazine, which Jodie also posed for these saucy snaps for, the model-turned-bodybuilder opens up about her relationship with The Only Way Is Essex star.

“I’m always snogging Kirk," she said. "And while he wants it go further, I’m not putting out for him.

"It’s the same with Frankie [Cocozza]. I love those guys, but they’re young.

“I could teach them a thing or two in the bedroom, I’d ruin them!”

jodie marsh

The full interview and more pictures appear in this week’s ZOO, on sale now.

jodie marsh

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