16/07/2012 14:57 BST | Updated 16/07/2012 17:33 BST

Olly Murs Takes A Tumble On Stage At GuilFest (VIDEO)

We know it's a little bit mean but we can't help but titter when we see someone fall over (providing there's no medical treatment required as a result, obvs) but when that person is a schleb, well, it's a full-on, LOL moment.

And if that schleb, in said fall, does it on stage, then repeat viewings are a must until laughter subsides (this may take some time).

So, sit back and enjoy Mr Olly Murs in the best, non-deliberate, comedy fall of the year so far, which he did in front of a crowd of thousands at this weekend's Guilfest.

Tee and indeed, hee.

Thanks for brightening up this rather depressing Monday, Olly. You really are too, too kind.