16/07/2012 19:47 BST | Updated 16/07/2012 19:57 BST

Skype Bug Sends Private Messages To Wrong Contacts

Online messaging and calling service Skype is experiencing a glitch that in some cases is sending messages to the wrong contacts.

Skype users were already flagging up the issue in online forums when the communication giant tweeted that "in rare cases" instant messages were being sent to the wrong recipients.

Many of those using the service felt alarmed as they had only noticed the glitch because their contacts had pointed it out after receiving a message intended for someone else.

The bug seemed to be connected to an upgrade to the service, rolled out in June, reports the BBC. However feeling in the online forum suggested many would stop using Skype until the bug was completely eradicated.

"I have the same problem, messages from one of my contacts went to another, as being sent by me. Very awkward and slightly embarassing. I hope this issue gets fixed asap" wrote one user.

Another stressed that the bug was "a very disturbing and a serious breach of privacy" and urged Skype: "please address the issue immediately."

While one user said "I am really not inclined to use Skype until this is addressed."

A fix for the problem is expected "in the next few days" the service said.