16/07/2012 12:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Average Man Puts On One And A Half Stone In Weight After Becoming A Dad

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Does this ring true for you? Apparently the average man puts on more than a stone and a half in weight after becoming a father.

A lack of time to exercise in the wake of a newborn's arrival, coupled with an increase in the number of takeaways and other unhealthy meals amid endless sleepless nights are major factors. As a result, six out of ten dads admit they are 'out of shape'.

The worrying figure emerged in a study of 2,000 fathers by Beneden Healthcare and Men's Health Forum.

Overweight dads are also exhausted. More than one quarter of dads sneak in naps during the weekdays in order to cope - one in 20 have snoozed while on the toilet at work (nice!), and one in five have even fallen asleep while in the middle of reading to their children.

Dr Ian Banks, president of the Men's Health Forum said: "Men are facing an uphill struggle with their health when they become fathers.

"The survey shows even their kids know it. Heart disease is the biggest cause of premature death in men.

"We're saying you only live once – if you want to be around to see your kids grow up you need to stay healthy."

Dads, have you put on weight post children? Are you worried about staying healthy - for yours and your children's sake?