Morrissey Slams Sir Paul McCartney For Accepting Knighthood From The Queen

Morrissey Slams Macca For Accepting Knighthood

Singer Morrissey has taken a swipe at Sir Paul McCartney for accepting a knighthood from HM The Queen.

Morrissey has only recently emerged from a scuffle with NME magazine

The famously anti-royal rocker is adamant he would turn down any offer of an official honour from the British Establishment, insisting the awards are intended to make rebellious celebrities "trot into line".

Asked by a journalist from the ZulalMuzik blog about McCartney's description of the British monarch as "fabulous", Morrissey replies, "I think it's silly because she isn't fabulous, and it was Paul McCartney who once sang Give Ireland Back To The Irish, directed at the Queen. She didn't give the six counties back to Ireland and she never will because she wants the ports. That isn't fabulous to me.

Sir Paul McCartney appears more relaxed with the prospect of royalty than Morrissey

"Obviously, when anyone is made 'Sir' or given a royal gong, it quietens them down and they trot into line. I am proud of David Bowie for refusing a knighthood. Albert Finney also refused. The British royals are not royal to me. They are cunning parasites, and it's quite breathtaking that the Queen has gotten away with it for so long."


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