The Beatles

Fans assumed the Wings star was responsible for breaking up The Beatles, but that's not quite how it happened.
Why can’t we all live less litigiously in that yellow submarine?
Who knew the Beatles star was such a talented impressionist?
The Beatle also discussed a certain Taylor Swift secret sure to make any Swiftie jealous.
John's wife Yoko Ono also shared a video of New York's Empire State Building lit up in his honour.
We’ve uncovered some of the most beautiful and rare pictures of the music legend during his time in the spotlight.
The road was made famous by The Beatles but many believe it was named after a slave trader.
For the first time, Beatles fans will be able to walk in the footsteps on John Lennon in the real “Strawberry Fields” as The Salvation Army has opened the gates to the grounds of what was once a children’s home that inspired the famous song.
Fifty years ago today, photographer Ian MacMillan snapped a few photos of The Beatles crossing the street to their Abbey Road Studio. But he may not have known he was creating one of the most iconic images of the band, arguably the most famous in the world. The four musicians walking over the pedestrian crossing in London has been recreated endlessly in the past five decades from The Simpsons to some Franciscan monks.
It was a zillion years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.