18/07/2012 12:18 BST

London 2012: The Voice, Britain's Biggest Black Newspaper, Granted Access To Olympics Stadium

Britain's biggest and longest running Black newspaper has been given an Olympics pass to London 2012 track and field events after a petition to overturn their lack of accreditation.

A social media storm was sparked after The Voice went public with their rejection, the decision by the British Olympics Association derided as "shocking" and "unbelievable" on Twitter and Facebook.

A petition was set up by Zita Holbourne the co-founder of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) set up , which quickly gathered over 2000 signatories.

The Voice has now confirmed that the International Olympics Committee stepped in and gave the BOA an additional press pass, which it transferred to the newspaper after reviewing their application.

At the time, Rodney Hinds, Sports Editor at the Voice, told The Huffington Post UK "There is a certain degree of irony that black athletes will be so prominent at the Olympics, but black journalists have to take the back seat.

"This is part of a wider problem, and I think that's what has touched a nerve with people. The media in Britain already suffers from a huge lack of diversity, and London 2012 was the perfect opportunity to level the playing field, but we haven't been given a chance."

Following the review of the decision, Managing Director of the newspaper George Ruddock said: "It is excellent news that the BOA have decided to backtrack and award press accreditation to The Voice newspaper to cover the games inside the Olympic stadium.

"We thought the initial decision not to give accreditation was surprising and so did our many readers who immediately voiced their opinion by signing the online petition and sending us messages of support.

"The Voice is also indebted to the many print and online media which picked up the story and ran with it. Our journalists will be giving gold-standard Olympic coverage in the paper and online."