Rich Kids Of Instagram: How The Other Half Lives (PICTURES)

Rich Kids Of Instagram: How The Other Half Lives (PICTURES)

We’re all at it. Recording and uploading the minutiae of our lives for everyone to see. Posting pictures of treasured pets, carefully tended gardens or the odd sunset. After all, they’re snapshots of reality – as we know it.

So spare a thought for those for whom reality is an endless whirl of private jets, champagne and haute couture.

Yes, the inhabitants of such lofty societal echelons are as entitled as we are to broadcast their every thought and experience, and we really shouldn’t hold it against them.

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Tripping along the tarmac: A young woman disembarks from her private helicopter

If Paris Hilton’s little brother Barron wants to chronicle a stroll across a deserted beach with a beautiful bikini-clad blonde, or if Tiffany Trump wants to provide pictorial evidence of her LA - NY journey via the family's private jet, all power to them.

Should you tire of searching for such naked displays of wealth and privilege, one site has helpfully collated this lifestyle niche – naming it Rich Kids Of Instagram.

Framing each “look at me “ snap in an ornate gold border, the site offers the simple explanation: “They have more money than you and this is what they do.”


Rich Kids Of Instagram


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