Aurora Shooting, James Holmes: Apartment Of Suspected Gunman 'Booby-Trapped', Say Police

Suspected Gunman's Apartment Block 'Booby-Trapped', Say Police

The apartment of James Holmes, the suspected gunman in the Aurora shooting, has been ‘booby-trapped”, according to local Police.

At least 12 people died after a gunman opened fire at the midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises on Thursday.

Holmes was arrested shortly after the incident. He told police that explosives were housed at his apartment, which is four miles from the scene of the shooting.

In a statement on Friday, a spokesperson for Aurora Police said that the home of the 24-year-old suspect, a third floor apartment block near Denver, has been rigged with some kind of device.

Police search the apartment of the suspect

Police are currently working out how to disarm the device.

Aurora police chief Dan Oates, said: "We are very concerned about getting in there and getting the evidence."

"It looks pretty sophisticated," he added.

Bomb experts from several security agencies are at the scene, as are a fleet of fire trucks.

Police have evacuated the apartment block and surrounding buildings. Police and members of the fire service broke a window into the suspect's apartment. To look inside the residence, they used a camera mounted on a long pole.


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