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Officers said the SUV's plates indicated it was actually a stolen motorcycle.
"They don't deserve to wear a badge anymore," Aurora's interim police chief Vanessa Wilson said.
To begin I would like to express, from the very marrow of my bones, my sincerest condolences to those affected by the shootings in Aurora, Colorado. I also apologise in advance if this article seems insensitive in how short a period it has been since the shooting.
A woman whose husband was critically injured in the Aurora shooting last week has given birth to the couple’s first baby
Colorado residents are flocking to buy weapons since last week's mass shooting in Aurora, according to official figures. Applications
Christian Bale has paid a visit to victims of the Dark Knight Rises shooting in Aurora. The actor, who portrayed Batman in
There are many who will be furious at the attempt to diagnose mass killers, believing this is a way of them 'getting off' or of eluding responsibility. But since the vast majority of those diagnosed with any psychiatric disorder are not violent, personal responsibility probably still has a role to play, even if psychotic processes can be found in these killers.
The apartment of James Holmes, the suspected gunman in the Aurora shooting, has been ‘booby-trapped”, according to local