Harriet Harman: Conservatives Cannot Be Feminists

'You Can't Be A Tory And A Feminist'

Harriet Harman has said it is impossible to be both a Conservative and a feminist, taking aim at home secretary Theresa May.

In an interview with Total Politics magazine, the deputy leader of the Labour Party was responding to a previous interview given to the publication by May.

The home secretary, who is also minister for women and equality, said for her feminism was about "ensuring there’s a level playing field and equal opportunity".

However Harman took issue with that claim. “If you’re actually political, you can’t be a Conservative and a feminist. Because it’s all about equality and fairness," she said.

"It’s not about the Tories, who are ‘The devil take the hind-most’ and ‘Stand on your own two feet.’

She added: "Ultimately delivering for women in this country – in equality, childcare, helping with the elderly, maternity pay and leave – is Labour’s mission.”

Harman also told the magazine, published on Friday, that it was "amazing" for May to say she was a feminist.

"For years she dogged my path, following me round TV and radio studios, criticising what we were arguing for – political correctness and a burden on business and everything," Harman said.

"On all the big issues she’s been on the wrong side. I suppose we should all believe in redemption, but, my goodness me, she would never lead an argument for equality.”

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