23/07/2012 09:57 BST | Updated 25/07/2012 05:03 BST

Record-Breaking Summer Weather To Hit UK

Britain will continue to bask in golden sunshine this week, with the mercury set to hit 30C in parts of southern England by Wednesday, which will mark the hottest day of the year so far.

Dry, hot and sunny weather on Saturday and Sunday in most parts of the UK meant a barbeque weekend for the first time since late May.

That month's weekend saw the year’s record temperature, when Achnagart in the Scottish Highlands recorded 29.3C. No part of the UK has had temperatures above 30C so far this year.

weymouth beach

Visitors to Weymouth beach spend time in the sunny weather

summer beach

After weeks of wet weather parts of the UK are finally enjoying fine summer weather.

Since Saturday, holidaymakers have been packing onto beaches in Brighton, Cornwall, Scarborough and Blackpool.

This week, the heat will stay in the high twenties for the rest of the week in most of England, peaking on Wednesday.

But the north of England, Ireland, southwest and central Scotland will have little respite, and could still experience outbreaks of heavy rain. The wet could reach London in time for Danny Boyle’s London 2012 opening ceremony.

Rain and blustery wind has dominated the summer skyline this year. Bad weather, caused by the jet streammoving unusually far south, have led to widespread flooding and the wettest spring and early summer on record.

The jet stream is set to move towards its usual position, further north, which could prompt better weather by August.

summer weather

The women's volleyball on Horseguard's Parade, London

Next week, Usain Bolt could be splashing his way through puddles, or he could also spend his nine seconds on the track in a shaft of sunshine, with changeable weather forecast for next week.