Brides Run Annual Bridal Race To Win Dream Wedding (VIDEO/PICTURES)

At first glance, it looks like these brides-to-be could be doing a runner from their marriages.

But if you look closer, these 'runaway brides' are in fact gearing up to compete in the annual bridal run in Serbia.

The energetic race rewards the fastest gown-clad bride with attractive prizes - including a free wedding and the white dress they chose to run in.

The lucky bridezilla - sorry, we mean winner - Sanja Cigoj, finished the 150-metre dash first in just 19 seconds.

Speaking to ITV, one competitor joked: "My groom was waiting for me at the finish line, but (since I didn't win), the wedding is off this year."

So, with their dresses hitched up, limbs stretched and trainers on - watch these running brides sprint their way to their dream wedding.

Runaway Brides