26/07/2012 07:58 BST | Updated 25/09/2012 06:12 BST

Rebecca Cole's Intricate Butterfly Sculptures

When I was about seven years old, my Grandparents took me to visit a friend whose garden was full of Passion Flowers and Pipevine plants.

"This is a sight you'll never forget," my Grandad told me as he held my hand around the corner of their path.

He was right. Those plants, it turned out, attract butterflies like flowers attract the bees.


Butterfly sculpture, by Rebecca Cole

Rebecca Cole's paper sculptures remind me of that day when I saw hundreds of butterflies compete for the same space, their multi-coloured wings fluttering together like one swaying organism.

Based in the UK, Cole makes her signature butterfly silhouettes out of paper and arranges them into sculptures - a process she now does fulltime.

"It's quite a surreal realisation when I hear myself saying 'I cut out paper for a living'," she says.

"It's one thing hearing people pay the pieces compliments, it's another when they buy a piece."

Cole's background is in texiles and she also makes clothes, but she says she'd like to stick with her unusual career for now.

"Until now, butterflies have become my signature mark, but I do have several other ideas I'd like to pursue whilst still using paper and scissors. My work is being recognised internationally, so exhibiting abroad is something I would also like to pursue."

What do you think of her butterfly sculptures?

Rebecca J Coles