27/07/2012 23:08 BST | Updated 26/09/2012 10:12 BST

Daniel Craig As James Bond With The Queen Sends Twitter Into Meltdown After London 2012 Opening Ceremony (PICTURES)

Twitter erupted with surprised delight as the Queen made her entrance at this evening's opening ceremony.

A short film showing James Bond actor Daniel Craig meeting the Queen at Buckingham Palace was shown to audiences, before the pair apparently flew in a helicopter across London to the stadium.

The laughter from the crowd in the stadium was mirrored by the reaction on the social networking site, with tweets expressing shock, disbelief and amusement flooding through.

james bond

The name's Windsor, Lizzy Windsor: The Queen Became A Bond girl for the night

Katya Adler tweeted: "People ran out of restaurants bordering Park to see helicopter they believed bringing Queen.

Leaving wallets, phones on tables in hurry."

Meanwhile, prolific tweeter Piers Morgan wrote: "Oh. My. God! The Queen meets James Bond! THAT, Mr Boyle, was pure genius."

Fashion designer Henry Holland was equally impressed, tweeting: "NEVER been more obsessed with The Queen! Such a legend!!"

Meanwhile @rickedwards1 tweeted: "Danny Boyle for Prime Minister? Would liven things right up."

Other aspects of the ceremony were also very well-received, with many people tweeting about being proud to be

British, particularly during the section marking the achievements of the NHS.

Some even began hashtagging their tweets with #proud2british.

Mr Boyle took to Twitter to respond to the reaction to the ceremony, writing from @DannyBoyleFilm "I love you all!",

before adding: "Proud to be British."

The Oscar-winning director received further praise for the section highlighting the successes of British music, with

countless tweets describing the soundtrack as "awesome" and "superb".

Channel 4 news presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy tweeted "I love this. It's everything brilliant", before adding: "Am looking forward to buying the soundtrack."

Barely minutes had passed before mastermind Danny Boyle was winning plaudits for his imaginative, fun and touching creation.

Michael Underwood said: "I cannot even begin to work out how Danny Boyle organised this.

"It's incredible and it's only been on for 15 mins."

Barnaby Edwards added: "This is absolutely brilliant.

"Danny Boyle is a genius."

And Martin Bryant wrote: "I think Danny Boyle has just cracked the code to making Britain feel good about itself in the 21st Century."

The film director drew high praise from Jodi Mullen who said: "Danny Boyle has done more to make people care about the Olympics in 90 minutes than all the politicians did in seven years."