31/07/2012 15:49 BST | Updated 01/08/2012 10:31 BST

Beth Tweddle Abused On Twitter After Teen Is Arrested For Allegedly Sending Malicious Tweets To Tom Daley

Twitter trolls have been targeting Team GB gymnast Beth Tweddle as she performed at the North Greenwich Arena on Tuesday.

The abuse came after a 17-year-old was arrested in Weymouth for allegedly sending malicious tweets to diving star Tom Daley.

Beth Tweddle was part of a team, with Imogen Cairns, Hannah Whelan, Rebecca Tunney and Jennifer Pinches, who were vying for a medal against the United States, Russia, China and Romania.

However, some users of the micro-blogging site preferred to send abuse about the gymnast rather than give her support.

Jonathan Coles, for instance, said: “I would go through that whole team gb team except for that tweedle she would need to bring a bag along.”

And TheFakeChrisBeattie posted a message that read: “That beth tweedle has good legs.. shame about her face.”

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Fortunately, most Twitter users preferred to use their 140 character-allowance to voice their support for the athlete.

However, the team’s hopes of matching their male counterpart’s success were dashed.

Still, despite the British team being low down on the scoreboard from early on, there was an electric atmosphere in the arena, with roars from Team GB supporters whenever the British gymnasts took their turn.

The crowds clapped along as Pinches, Whelan and Tweddle carried out their floor routines.

The US team also appeared to have a lot of fans in the audience and won lots of cheers throughout, with the crowds erupting as they were announced as the winners.

Russia and Romania got silver and bronze.

But there were plenty of empty seats in the arena, with large groups of marines filing in at the last minute to fill some of them.

Twitter has also been in the news during the Olympics following the suspension of Guy Adams, a Los-Angeles-based journalist for The Independent who had his account suspended after he tweeted the email address of an NBC boss as part of a complaint about the broadcaster's coverage of the Games.

His account has now been reinstated.

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