A stunning victory by Sunisa Lee of Team USA, a new world record by Tatjana Schoenmaker of South Africa and intense rugby matches round out the first week of competition.
The 24-year-old also said she was "not having as much fun" at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
The greatest gymnast of all time is working on a Yurchenko double pike.
After snapped elbow ligaments and a rolled ankle left her unable to compete for two years, Becky Downie could've given up – but she didn't. Here's how she got through the toughest times in her career.
Katelyn Ohashi's jaw-dropping performance scored a perfect 10.
“I’ve just signed your death warrant,” Aquilina said after handing down the sentence.
The class was something my parents had signed me up for - as well as the typical football and tennis classes. It was important to them that I tried a wide variety of activities. Gymnastics was the thing I enjoyed the most and so I stuck with it, slowly progressing onto a new club where I could join a boy's gymnastics squad and start competing in club and eventually national competitions.
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