Sweden Refuses To Interview WikiLeaks's Julian Assange At Ecuador's London Embassy

Sweden Rejects Ecuador's Offer Over Julian Assange

The Swedish authorities have rejected an offer to interview WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the embassy in London where he is seeking political asylum.

Ecuador had given Sweden permission to interview WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange inside their London Embassy - where the 40-year-old has been for six weeks.

The website founder is hoping to receive political asylum in Ecuador and police are stationed outside the Embassy gates who will arrest Assange if he attempts to leave.

He is wanted for questioning by Sweden over sex crime allegations, but has voiced fears that he will be extradited to the US from Sweden over his website's 2010 release of secret embassy cables.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is hoping to receive asylum in Ecuador

Ecuador's Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said his country is doing “everything possible to protect the life of Mr. Assange.”

Sources at the embassy told Press Association that an approach was made to the authorities in Sweden last Wednesday, offering them the chance to interview Assange about the allegations, but it had been turned down, without any reason being given.

This week, Assange's mother voiced concerns for her son's health. Christine Assange told the Associated Press: “He is under a lot of stress and it’s been long-term stress now for nearly two years and in conditions which are similar to detention,”

Ecuador has said they will not announce a decision on the asylum request until after the London 2012 Olympics.

Last week, a High Court judge ruled that classified US cables from WikiLeaks can be used to cross examine senior UK government officials, an unprecedented step.


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